“During my tenure as President and CEO of Ames Tools, we used Steve on numerous recruiting assignments and we were extremely pleased with the quality of people hired through his organization, as well as the professionalism of the firm and the personal knowledge Steve and his team exhibited. If you want a dedicated recruiter with a tremendous amount of integrity and one who is an outstanding relationship builder, Wood-Snodgrass would be the choice. When the need arises, I would certainly call on Steve and his team again.”

Carl Winn
Firstchoice Consulting Group, LLC

Move Day for Wood-Snodgrass, Inc.

 Friday, November 15, 2013 So, after a dozen years in our current office space, Wood-Snodgrass, Inc. is moving – Would you believe two blocks south? Yes, we’re moving to a beautiful building within the same South Creek Office Park.  Please note the address and suite number newly listed on


Trickle-down Economics

We recently completed a recruiting assignment for a Kansas City area company. The individual had to relocate which instigated the following comments: We started to think about the dollars generated by hiring just one person. If you put the entire process on paper you can see the economics involved. First of all,


Hiring Manager(s) Interviewing Tips

One common thread always seems to surface during the final phase of any search, the interview with the hiring manager(s), boards or committees.  Almost always, it begins with why does he/she want the job?  And, we always explain, prior to, that the majority of the presented candidates are not looking


The Greatest Generation, Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw’s book, The Greatest Generation, was a major best seller, and rightfully so.   Mr. Brokaw profiles a number of men and women who fought in WW ll.  A common thread was courage, perseverance and hard work.  Those men and women were different from our current generation, most never changing


Economic Downturn?

The “Right” Time to Attract the Best and Brightest

Competition remains strong in all business phases, whether for products, or for services.  However, have you noticed loyalty is dying?  Individuals are looking out for themselves.  It’s, quite often, an attitude of...“What’s in it for me?  I can do better across the